Monday, 30 July 2012

Yummy Candy Floss!!! Revlon Popular

Hello Hello!
Back at Monday aren't we?

Remember this song from Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Naa..
"Hai Muscular, Hai Popular..Spectacular!!"..except this polish is Just Spectacular!
Reminds me of candy floss that would be sold in a fairy land.
Fluffy, light pink sprinkled with silver magic coins! Have a look!!

I goofed up on the stamping. The previous night I was thinking I'll stamp a nice lacey design on this..and bang! next morning I picked up this new plate and made different butterflies.
*dunno why* Plus this was an untested plate and some butterflies squished out *sad*
Base: Revlon Popular
Stamping Plate: XL K
Stamping Polish: Konad Black

I love this polish!! Do you?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympics Nail Art: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

The London Olympics is scheduled to start tomorrow!

Let the games Begin!!

Base: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Water Decals

Which sport are you expecting your country to win?
I hope India wins some medals.
Wish all the athletes good luck!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Checkered Blue

I am finding myself quite short of time these days. Lotsa work at work.
My last 2-3 manis turned out duds! and I am finding myself short of posts too! 
I have a couple of new polishes to swatch and try which I will hopefully do soon.
Meanwhile enjoy the pics. 

Base: Unbranded Sandy Matt Blue

I love how these look. Very diff texture..but dont feel gritty.
Very smooth, 2 coats. Another mani using this type of polish. Here

Stamping Polish: Another Sandy Matt Silver
Stamping Plate: OB 8

Do you like stamping?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Guest Post : Baby Mani! for my friend

Recently a fellow blogger and friend Anamika has a new cute little bundle of Joy. ^_^

I wrote a guest post for her with this mani:

Head over to her site  to check my post!
Click here!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Floam Swatch +Nail Art

You know how you really "really" want something in your life and sometimes you get it easy and sometimes you get it the hard way. But the hard somethings are to get, the sweeter the victory.
Yes, Floam was one such polish. I usually dont get so senti-"mental" about not having a polish, but since the first time I had seen swatches of this polish, I was like I have to "have" it. :D

One day my friend and an avid blog stalker Dhara asked me if I wanted anything from US as she had contacted Melissa a nail blogger at The Daily Nail Blog (do visit her blog, she is fab at nail art). Melissa works in India but was planning to go on a short visit back home to US. And she generously agreed to get us our fix of polishes. Though I tried to buy this polish from a webshop, it seemed quite unavailable at the moment. I then contacted the maker this awesome polish Amy from "I'm feeling Nail-venturous" (do check out her blog, she has loads of such fab polishes) and she happily agreed to make me some so Melissa could get them home to us. Thank you Amy and Melissa!!!
Postal delivery usually takes ages in my country with most of the times ending up in lost/stolen packages. Enough Rant. Had to get it out of my system. 

So presenting: Floam

Floam is neon yellow, blue and green hex matt glitter in a clear base.
Its a little thick to apply but doesnt clump together. Above pic is coats of polish over a base of colorbar exclusive 18.

Dance of Floam in the bottle.

It gives an incredible depth to your nails, almost 3-D.

Base: Floam
Stamping Plate: Konad M83
Stamping Polish: Konad Black

Are you drooling over Floam?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review of

I'd like to share something I recently brought from

Now if you are thinking why I am reviewing a website instead of polish, let me tell you I am not under the influence of ermmm ...anything. Nor are you cause you are reading correct.
I was approached by the site to review the site. Its a recently opened website in Indian online shopping scene which is now bursting with online stores.
While I was provided a discount coupon to shop for something to review, I was going through their site one evening thinking which polish I should choose or maybe I should choose some hand and cuticle cream as my cuticles had taken a beating after traveling around for a few days.

The site is pretty easy to navigate and well categorized. Has loads of categories of items to shop ranging from clothes, to shoes, to home stuff, jewelry/accessories, to bags and fragrances.

I couldnt decide and I thought maybe tomorrow will help me decide better.
Next day somehow all cosmetics and furniture items from the website had been taken off..much to my surprise I kept searching and finally asked the PR who told me they are "off" at the moment. No other reason was given. So around midnight I selected these Lotto slip ons and put my order through.
*at the time of publishing this review I can again see beauty/cosmetic items on the site* :-/

Now I am usually not that easy to impress especially by online websites. But one thing I was totally impressed with was the timing off the delivery. Had things gone their way they would have given me the parcel in 24 hours!!!!
I placed my order around midnight and got a confirmation call early next day morning. In the evening I got another call from their local delivery management guys saying that my package will land in mumbai at 10.30 pm and they were willing to deliver at my place by 11. I was impressed and shocked!! Impressed by the speed and handling of my order and shocked that they were willing to deliver even if though it was so late. So I politely told them I wouldnt want to wake other people sleeping in my house and I was happy to take it next day around 9am.
Next morning at 9 am, they promptly delivered my package and confirmed with me on phone that my package has reached me fine. So I signed for the package and expected the delivery guy to leave. He stood at my doorstep and said he would like me to open the package and check it. And he was willing to take it back if I was not happy about it. I am telling you I was quite impressed with this kind of service. I have read a few horrible stories about some websites not delivering for a couple of months and to say the least, some had broken articles. I received my package promptly and in good condition.

I hope everyone has such a good experience with

*as mentioned before I was provided a discount coupon to review this site, however the opinions are my own*

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Alternate Nails + Konad M83 Stamping Nail Art

Hows your week so far? Mine is pretty boring except that I some of the stuff I had shopped earlier has reached me. Haul post coming up soon!! :D
Today's post is quite short. 
So Enjoy the pics!!

Base: Golden-green Polish in Sandy-matt finish

Stamping Plate: Konad M83
Stamping Colour: Konad Pearl Blue and Red

I feel this design has more of an indian touch to it...something that is widely used in Indian textile printing. Quite suitable for marriage/functions with a metallic base as the one I used. 

Ta-Da! Till I see you next! What have you been upto this week?

Monday, 9 July 2012

China Glaze Awakening + Red Angel Stampy Plate Nail Art

Today on my nails is China Glaze Awakening.
Another bottle of pretty polish. 
This is also one that I won in the Stylecraze Giveaway that I wrote here.

This one a lovely duochrome polish.. goes from golden peach to pink-purple..hmmm
Maybe it should called quo-chrome?
I couldnt keep my hands still for 3 days..kept moving my fingers around to check whether is constantly showing the 2nd colour. hehe. I did catch my office neighbour staring at me doing that once.
He probably thot I was doing some finger dance..LOL!

The above and below pics clearly show 2 distinct shades!

Base: China Glaze Awakening
Stamping Plate: RA 119
Stamping Colour: Konad Black
Topped with Seche Vite Quick Dry
I love the effect that a top coat has on a mani!! It kept glistening all the time.

Like it?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hello Hello Kitty!!

Todays post is about as cute as cute can get!!
Hello Kitty!!
or as a niece calls it: Kitty Kitty!!

I got these decals to review from the born pretty store.
The best part about this nail art is its superrrr easyyyy and quick.

 Base: a Matt finish polish in bright pink (sandy finish)

They cost $4.73 and come with free shipping and one sheet has 11 different designs (see here). 
I got mine in a months time. The store has an awesome variety of nail and other make up stuff.
Just cut out the decals put them in water for about 10-20 secs..pull out the paper base. Now place them on a dry base polish and apply top coat.
Thats it you are ready to go!!
For my lovely readers BornPrettyStore has given me a discount coupon you can use till 9th Sept:

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

China Glaze Flying Dragon + Stamping Nail Art

Todays NOTD: is on the base of Flying Dragon!

I love love love this kinda Neon Base!! Its packed with micro square glitter in purple, silver and blue!!
And the glitter is very tiny and not a pain to take out! What more can a Gal ask for??

Apparently there are 2 versions of Flying Dragon. This one is called the neon version. and it dries to a Matt finish.
This polish is one of those that I won in StyleCraze'S giveaway that I wrote about here
This one makes to the list of my new favourites!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Did I tell you how much I loved this polish!!!

I wanted to keep this mani simple so as to not cover this gorgeous base and used a small girly necklace/lace stamp.
Base: China Glaze Flyin Dragon
Stamping Colour: Konad Yellow
Stamping Plate: Konad Fauxnad M62

Like it?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Football Fever: UEFA Nail Art

With all this football fever all around its hard not to get drawn into!
Tonight's the final between: Italy and Spain  for UEFA EURO 2012 final at Kyiv's Olympic Stadium!
So who's gonna win?? I am rooting for Spain!!

Caught up in this fever I thot it was apt to do a mani for this!

Here's the base:

Thumb and Ring Finger: Sinful Colors Envy topped with Inglot Flakies
Pointer and little finger: Colorbar White
Middle: Viviana Blinding Splash
Thumb was stamped in White Konad with M57
Rest all is with acrylic nail paint

Thumb to pinkie: depicts the goal net, the trophy, Spain flag, ball, and Italian Flag!!
All topped with SV
This is the first time I've done freehand like this, which is quite evident in the shaky hand..but I think didnt turn out bad? did it?